Procurement criteria for sustainable soy

In a nutshell

The aim of this tool is to support public procurers to include criteria for responsibly produced soy in the procurement of food, drink, and catering services. The tool is relevant for procurements where soy is the main ingredient, for products where soy is included indirectly, and for meals offering soy-based dishes. By asking suppliers (either food suppliers or caterers) to meet these criteria, procurers help increase the demand for responsibly produced soy and raise awareness about environmental and health aspects of producing and consuming soy.

Necessary Steps

Adapt and implement the following into your call for tender:

  • As part of the offer, the supplier must prepare an action plan for phasing out non-certified soy used in food or intended for food preparation.
  • The action plan should include a section on how the supplier will encourage his/her suppliers of meat, eggs, dairy products, and farmed fish to only purchase responsibly produced soy as fodder, as well as a description of what steps will be taken, and a timeline.
  • The implementation of the action plan will be followed up at progress meetings with the contracting entity.
  • The first status meeting will feature an update on how many products have been offered to the contracting entity (procurer) containing soy and how many of these contain certified soy (e.g. RTRS-certified).
  • If not all the products are certified as RTRS (or equivalent), an action plan will be presented, outlining how the supplier will work to ensure that the remaining soy products contain RTRS-certified (or equivalent) soy.
  • Regular follow-up meetings with the supplier helps ensure progress.

More Issues To Consider

  • The tool motivates procurers to turn to their suppliers to push demand for sustainably produced soy. This way the tool has an impact on the whole supply chain, including a wide range of processed foods and drinks.
  • European farmed soy is available as RTRS-certified or equivalent.

Further Information


The information on this page about the use of the tool “Procurement criteria for sustainable soy” is only provided as a general guide and is not intended as a substitute for the user to check the respective public procurement regulations. We compiled the content to the best of our knowledge, but do not assume any liability for completeness and correctness. We do not assume any liability for the user to verify the applicable procurement law provisions in the respective national state.

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