About the toolkit

Why do we need a toolkit?

Every day, more than 10 million public meals are served in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Public procurement and catering services therefore have a high purchasing power, and a broad range of people benefit from public meals. The transformative power of public meals can be a game-changer towards a more sustainable food system in this region and beyond. They can contribute to achieving multiple aims on policy agendas, from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to the EU’s Green Deal, and help to realise, through the Farm to Fork Strategy, climate, biodiversity, and zero-pollution ambitions, as well as official nutritional intake recommendations. The Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit offers innovative approaches to help trigger this change.

About the tools

The tools, collected during the Interreg-BSR projects StratKIT and StratKIT+, range from strategic approaches to concrete activities in public catering facilities. More than fifty tools are available for stakeholders involved in the provision of public meals, whether they be policymakers, procurers, caterers, producers, suppliers, consumers, or other public and private bodies. While all tools originated from BSR countries, some have been developed and piloted within the StratKIT and StratKIT+ projects. Each tool is presented as a step-by-step procedure. To find tools suitable for your situation, you can either browse them all or find collections of tools for different topics in the thematic gateways. Add the most suitable tools to your own collection to download and print.

Start the change in your municipality, your company, your school, your hospital, or elsewhere!

Find more information on the Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit and its tools in the StratKIT report. For more results from the StratKIT project, if you want to add your project to the best practice collection or join the network, take a look at the StratKIT platform.

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