Reusable bottles for tap water

In a nutshell

This tool promotes the drinking of tap water from reusable bottles in public catering. The quality of tap water is high in many countries, and can be consumed instead of bottled mineral water. Drinking tap water saves money and supports human wellbeing through healthy water consumption. The climate impact of the practice is about 600 times smaller than that of consuming mineral water. This provision can be included in public procurement policies, and catering services can switch to using reusable bottles to help support it. This practice aligns well with policies for climate protection and public health.

Necessary Steps

  • Identify the number of bottles required, and their sizes.
  • Source offers and purchase suitable bottles.
  • Allocate bottles to the catering facilities and, if appropriate, also to your institution’s meeting rooms or break rooms.
  • Inform staff about the bottles with instructions for their correct use and cleaning.

More Issues To Consider

  • When purchasing the glass bottles (carafes), make sure they are easy to clean (i.e. dishwasher safe).
  • It should be clearly communicated that stale tap water should not be consumed.
  • To improve the attractiveness of the scheme, consider engraving the glass bottles with a logo or a sustainability message. For engravings, it is best to procure bottles made of borosilicate glass suitable for sandblast engraving. Laser engraving, on the other hand, leads to splinters and an indistinct appearance.

Further Information

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