Ideas for promoting Organic Cuisine Labels

In a nutshell

Labels or certificates for public catering facilities and restaurants are used to inform consumers that organic food accounts for a certain share of the menu. As the aim of these labels is to raise awareness of customers and stakeholders, there is a need for promotional materials. This tool provides ideas to help the relevant authorities create generic marketing materials to promote this kind of label.

By raising awareness about organic food in public catering, the label helps to stimulate demand for organic food and drive the development of supply chains. This helps to create more jobs in organic agriculture, support organic producers to engage in the market, and increase awareness by public procurers.

Necessary Steps

  • The kitchen uses the label to communicate that organic food is on the menu, and informs customers/clients about the share of organic produce in the food and drink products provided. The label can be displayed on menus and menu boards.
  • The managing authority provides further marketing material (cost-free and for certified facilities only) such as stickers and posters that can be displayed in areas like kitchens, the canteen, the dining hall, on doors, etc.
  • Kitchens with this label can source extra marketing materials such as pins, stickers, banners and similar from a range of places, e.g. a web shop.
  • Certified kitchens can design their own posters with the label free of charge by using a digital feature. For example, kitchens could insert their own images together with a text and logo of the label to create a poster unique to them.
  • On special occasions (e.g. the 20th anniversary of the label), additional marketing material could be provided by the managing authority, such as posters and banners, free for download from a dedicated website.
  • The managing authority could also consider launching digital and outdoor advertising campaigns to help increase public awareness of the label.

More Issues To Consider

Further Information

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