Motivating changes for cooking plant-based menus

In a nutshell

This tool suggests ways in which kitchen professionals can be motivated to change their menus, for example in connection with new food strategies. The tool uses the example aim of increasing the use of pulses in public meals to meet new nutritional recommendations, such as the delivery of 100g of pulses per day per customer. The tool is designed to be used by managers and decision makers who are involved in the provision of public meals and strategic changes related to food and sustainability. By changing menus to include more pulses, public meals contribute to reducing the impact on climate, as smaller, fewer portions of meat are necessary to create a more sustainable, nutritious meal.

Necessary Steps

  • Inform kitchen professionals, using this example, about the new nutritional guidelines via email, leaflets, brochures, cookbooks, etc.
  • Contract a competent intermediary with knowledge of public meals and public kitchen routines to produce inspirational material for the kitchen professionals, such as a video.
  • Organise a meeting to raise awareness at the municipal level, or, if necessary, several meetings, e.g. one for each municipal kitchen.
    • Show the inspirational video or provide presentations, explaining the necessity of the change and the benefits; explain the important role of the kitchen professionals.
    • Plan for a questions-and-answers session and encourage discussion among the kitchen professionals and managers in catering services and the municipality.
    • Plan to discuss recipes, ingredients, menus, and cooking routines. This procedure allows the kitchen professionals to reflect on their own routines and practices, and about the possibilities for meeting the requirements for change.
    • Distribute samples (of the new ingredients or food item) and recipes to the kitchen professionals at the meeting.
  • Organise a recurring event or procedure to continuously motivate kitchen professionals to use the inspirational materials, for example sharing a recipe of the month or a newsletter swapping insights among the municipal kitchens.

More Issues To Consider

The tool was derived from municipality-level but the principles of the tool are not limited to municipalities only.

Further Information

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