Dobrze Jemy - educational programme for children 6-9 years old

In a nutshell

Dobrze Jemy is a complete and advanced educational programme meant for implementation in schools and targeted at students aged 6-9 years. The program is intended to support teachers in teaching children nutrition and building their capacity for culinary education.

It includes a set of lesson scenarios, videos, worksheets and cooking workshop proposals that help to build healthy eating habits in children. 

Necessary Steps

  • Create teacher-friendly, attractive, easy-to-use educational materials for teachers.
  • Create an online platform to communicate and download all tools and teaching materials. The platform serves as a database and communication lane which connects teachers with organisers of the educational programme. The platform should also allow the collection of ideas and best practices of the schools.
  • Publish the teaching material online as public content for everyone interested in healthy nutrition and good eating habits. If needed, distribute the materials to the teachers in the printed version.
  • Create opportunities to share experiences between teachers.
  • Teach the teacher about nutrition basics., e.g. via online webinars for teachers conducted by nutritionists and other specialists.
  • Let teachers get support from professionals.
  • Involve local authorities in promoting and implementing the programme in regional schools and other educational institutions.

More Issues To Consider

This tool is based on Dobrze Jemy programme, which was initially created by an NGO in Poland in cooperation with partners (business and government sector). Use the videos, worksheets and other tools available at For English translation, please contact

Further Information

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