Community Gardening for Sustainable Food Education

In a nutshell

The aim of the initiative is to create a community around a social garden and promot green practices. This idea refers to the concept of school community gardens, except that this garden is open to all residents (cross generations) of the local community. The community garden promotes organic cultivation and effective use of resources (e.g. use of rainwater for irrigation). The whole community will be responsible for the garden. The functioning of the community garden will be supported by educational activities, promoting knowledge about the cultivation of various plant species, permaculture, plant-based cuisine, ways of preventing food waste, composting routines etc.

Necessary Steps

  • Separation of a green area or construction of containers to set up a social garden. An area managed by a social organisation or an area belonging to the city is recommended.
  • Planning the cultivation of the garden, taking into account plants and cultivation methods (vegetables growing well together, flower bed with honey plants)
  • Organisation of resources such as containers, tools, suitable clothing (including gloves) and a rainwater tank.
  • Organisation of an event for the local community promoting the idea of a community garden (e.g. annual exchange of seedlings and plants, forest cleaning, Earth Day). The event should be combined with garden works, planting or sowing and educational activities, e.g. on the interesting use of various cultivation methods such as hydroponics, germination, permaculture.
  • Developing a "social contract" for taking care of the garden, e.g. regulations stating directly that each resident can take care of the flowerbed and use the crops, and the garden is subject of common responsibility.
  • Organisation of an event for the local community at the end of the season – harvesting. The action might be combined with joint cooking, preparation of pickled food, vinegars or other preserves.

More Issues To Consider

The initiative can be used to build a community around any organisation.

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