Campaign to drink tap water

In a nutshell

In recent years, significant investments have been carried out in Polish water supply infrastructure, which has contributed to considerable improvement in tap water quality. Despite this, many people have concerns and cannot imagine drinking water directly from a tap, which is very natural in other BSR countries. In many places in Poland, tap water quality is excellent, mineral-rich, and high-quality. Additionally, tap water has many other benefits which bottled water does not have. It is available at any time and place and does not require going to the shop, stocking up and carrying packs of water to the house. Additionally, it is much cheaper than the bottled water. Moreover, tap water consumption does not generate plastic waste.

This practice aligns well with policies for climate protection, circular economy and public health.

Necessary Steps

  • Installation of distributors and drinking faucets  in public spaces, schools, libraries, medical and social welfare centres;
  • Creation of mobile city game and the themed route;
  • Promotion of city's tap water in media and billboards, encouraging residents to mark themselves with #drinktapwater, and provide prizes for the best posts;
  • Organising educational events for children and teenagers on suitable occasions (e.g. Water Day, Earth Day, Environment Day), interactive workshops, competitions, visits to municipal water companies, water purification stations, cleaning campaigns of local rivers and others;
  • Engagement of a municipal water and sewage company in every action in the campaign;
  • Engagement of celebrities and relevant authorities (e.g science, culture, tourism) to convince the community to have a more environmental-friendly lifestyle and rationale for using the tapwater.

More Issues To Consider

Optional - a label "city tap water" could be produced.

Further Information

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