Attractive serving of plant-based food

In a nutshell

This tool helps to promote plant-based food and plant-forward eating at (school) lunch buffets by suggesting good practices for serving the food. These help encourage customers to choose vegetarian meals, which in turn increases the consumption of plant-based food. The tool is targeted at kitchen professionals and other stakeholders who work with meal preparation and serving. The intake of more plant-based food supports a healthy and climate-friendly diet in alignment with EU strategies and policies.

Necessary Steps

  • Plant-based foods (like salads, vegetarian or vegan dishes and toppings, as well as vegetable supplements) are placed at the beginning of the serving line.
  • Plant-based dishes are served in various ways as both main and side dishes, and in salads, toppings, breads, and spreads, so consider providing a range of hot and cold dishes.
  • Using attractive containers, bowls and tableware makes the serving more enjoyable.
  • Warm vegetable supplements should be placed before the energy supplement (e.g. pasta, potatoes, couscous, barley, rice, etc.).
  • Hot plant-based dishes should be set before dishes containing meat.
  • Plant-based dishes should be named in an appealing way.
  • Plant-based items can also be used as dairy alternatives and in desserts.
  • To introduce pupils and other diners to the new menu, a list of the plants included in daily meals should be supplied, along with chopped samples if possible.
  • Vegetables should also be served in the school’s breakfast and snack menu.

More Issues To Consider

If space is limited, e.g. on the counter, additional tables can be used for service.

Further Information

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